Where to Bet on the Best Super Bowl 54 Props

Prop สมัครสมาชิกใหม่รับเงิน wagering has become inseparable from the Super Bowl wagering experience. Super Bowl prop wagers have detonated in prominence in the years since William “The Refrigerator” Perry dove into the end zone for the Chicago Bears against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 20. Perry, a 320-pound cautious lineman, scored a hostile score in the game regardless of oddsmakers slapping 8-to-1 chances on it really working out.

Super Bowl 54 between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers ought to be a pleasant one. The Chiefs have been introduced as 1-point top picks all things considered Super Bowl wagering locales, and public cash is divided almost into equal parts. 44% of the cash bet on Super Bowl 54 has come in on the 49ers to cover the spread, with 56% coming in on the Chiefs.

The American Gaming Association anticipates that almost $7 billion should be bet on the game in the United States alone. Assuming that materializes, Super Bowl 54 will be the most vigorously bet single game in American history.
While the vast majority of that cash will be wagered on the game’s result, numerous Americans will take a shot at attempting to hit on a portion of the more famous prop wagering choices.

Prop wagers are a pleasant method for making the game seriously fascinating, particularly the things that occur during the game that don’t be guaranteed to definitively affect the game’s ultimate result. Prop wagers can make you care about the details, for better or in negative ways. Bovada, BetOnline and MyBookie all have a huge number of props posted on the web.

How about we sneak about probably the best Super Bowl 54 wagering locales to find the best prop wagers that anyone could hope to find as Super Bowl Sunday draws near.

Which Team Will Kickoff First?
Which Team Will Kickoff First? Odds at MyBookie
Kansas City Chiefs -115
San Francisco 49ers -115
Clearly, this prop boils down to the coin throw. The group that wins the coin throw clearly isn’t a lock to decide to get the ball first, by the same token. You’re not getting a lot of potential gain with the two groups claiming indistinguishable – 115 chances. Thinking of it as’ the Super Bowl I would envision the two groups would decide to get first whenever given the decision, yet the reality of the situation will come out at some point.

On the off chance that you’re interested, the 49ers have won the coin throw in 4 of their 5 Super Bowl wins. The Chiefs lost the coin throw in their main Super Bowl appearance to date.

Will the Opening Kickoff Be a Touchback?
Will Kickoff be a Touchback? Odds at MyBookie
Yes -190
No +150
The NFL has focused on wellbeing lately, which made the association change its standards with regards to the opening shots. The opening shot returns are intrinsically perilous plays considering the running beginning the two sides can get. In this way, the association pushed the opening shot up to a group’s own 35-yard-line. The move has brought about by far most of the opening shots bringing about touchbacks, and returns are way down.

San Francisco 49ers, NFL Live Game

60% of the Chiefs’ opening shots this season brought about touchbacks. 50% of the 49ers’ opening shots brought about touchbacks. San Francisco positioned close to the lower part of the association in that area (26th), while the Chiefs were fifteenth. There is very great worth on the main kick not bringing about a touchback at +150, particularly in the event that the Niners end up kicking first. On the off chance that the 49ers do the opening shot, you’re getting +150 chances on what is in a real sense a 50/50 suggestion, in light of the previously mentioned touchback rate.

Which Will Be the First Offensive Play?
First Offensive Play? Odds at BetOnline
Pass +120
Run -160
Sack +1000
This is another prop that relies upon the consequence of the initial opening shot. The Chiefs ran passing plays 61.4 percent of the time during the standard season, which was the tenth best imprint in football. The 49ers, in the mean time, passed simply 48.1 percent of the time, which positioned 31st. Jimmy Garoppolo scandalously tossed only 8 passes in the NFC Championship Game dominate over the Packers since Green Bay had definitely no solution for San Francisco’s hurrying assault.

It’s most likely the case the 49ers will get the ball rolling with a run play on the off chance that they get the ball first. Assuming the Chiefs get the initial kick, one would envision Andy Reid will need the ball in the possession of Patrick Mahomes.
In this way, assuming that you figure the Chiefs will get the ball first, bet pass play at +120. In the event that you figure San Fran will get first, select run play at – 160.

There’s esteem in the main play transforming into a sack at +1000, however run or pass clearly make for far more secure wagers.

First Scoring Play of Super Bowl 54?
First Scoring Play? Odds at BetOnline
Bosses Touchdown Pass +250
49ers Touchdown Pass +300
Bosses Field Goal +300
49ers Field Goal +375
49ers Touchdown Run +500
Bosses Touchdown Run +700
Some other Chiefs Touchdown +2800
Some other 49ers Touchdown +3300
49ers Safety +4000
Bosses Safety +4000
The choice that appears to stand apart the most here is the principal score of Super Bowl 54 being a 49ers score run at +500. As referenced, the Niners are a run-weighty offense, and one would envision they’ll stay with that system as long as it works for them in the Super Bowl. On the off chance that Kansas City battles to stop Raheem Mostert and co., there is little motivation to accept San Francisco won’t simply pound the ground game, to the surprise of no one. Thus, the primary score being a 49ers score run at +500 makes for a strong, high-potential gain choice.

A Chiefs score pass is justifiably the #1 at +250. Patrick Mahomes tossed 5 TD scores in the group’s Divisional Round win over the Texans, and he followed that up with 3 more in the AFC Championship Game against the Titans. The Chiefs are glad to get off the ground, and we know Andy Reid will come in with a forceful strategy. Seeing Mahomes associate on a major play to Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce right off the bat in the game wouldn’t be a shock, so the +250 chances on a Chiefs TD pass being the main scoring play of the game likewise makes for serious areas of strength for a.

Complete Touchdowns
The number of Total Touchdowns? Odds at BetOnline
5 +400
6 +400
7 +400
4 +600
8 +600
10+ +700
3 +800
9 +900
2 +2000
0 +4000
1 +4000
Assuming you have the setback of recollecting last year’s Super Bowl, you’ll recall that the Patriots and Rams consolidated to marshal only one score. Sony Michel dove into the end zone for a 2-yard score to give New England a 10-3 lead, and that was the game’s solitary score. If you have any desire to wager on an encore, you can get the 49ers and Chiefs joining for 1 score at good +4000 chances.

However, this game will be all the more high-scoring. As may be obvious, BetOnline oddsmakers are more sure that the groups will join for twofold digit TDs than they are that we’ll get another score Super Bowl. Thank heavens for that.

The Chiefs and 49ers have joined for 19 all out scores through 4 consolidated season finisher games to this point.
Super Bowl 52 between the Patriots and Eagles saw 9 absolute scores, while Super Bowl 51 between the Pats and Falcons delivered 8 scores. 9 scores to be scored in Super Bowl 54 is outrageously engaging at +2000, while 8 is entirely fine at +800, also. I would unquestionably wager on at least 5 TDs being scored prior to thinking about 4 or less scores for this game.

Will Either Team Go Without a Punt?
Will Either Team Avoid a Punt? Odds at Bovada
Yes +650
No -1400
Last year’s Super Bowl transformed into a drop-kicking challenge, which was totally horrendous. The Pats and Rams joined to dropkick the ball multiple times. I’m sure about expecting we will not get an encore, but at the same time I’m not persuaded the game will be so offense-weighty that either group will actually want to stay away from a drop-kicking circumstance out and out.

Both the Chiefs and Niners have drop-kicked multiple times through the 4 joined season finisher games to this point. As well as the two offenses have played the entire year, it’s difficult to envision things go flawlessly enough for both of them to stay away from a dropkick throughout the full an hour.

What number of Penalties Will be Called?
Complete Number of Penalties? Odds at BetOnline
Over 12.5 +130
Under 12.5 -150
One sad symptom of the NFL’s emphasis on further developing player security has been a spike in the quantity of banners we see during the games. The NFL has attempted to diminish the effect that authorities have on the results of the games, however it’s most likely the case we’ll see a constant flow of yellow banners on Sunday.

Football Referee Pointing

The Chiefs positioned fifteenth in the association with a normal of 6.8 punishments per game. The 49ers were more focused during the standard season, as they were hailed 6.2 times per game. The groups have joined to commit 28 punishments during these end of the season games, however, with both going over their normal season midpoints. I’m hopeful that we won’t see the game defaced by an excessive number of banners, however I could likewise see the arbitrators deciding to take action against tricks during the greatest round of the year.

The wagering esteem, as may be obvious, lies with risking everything and the kitchen sink betting on 12.5 punishments at +130.

What number of Chiefs Will Catch a Pass?
Absolute Number of Receivers? Odds at Bovada
Over 7.5 +145
Under 7.5 -165
Patrick Mahomes is known to share the riches. While Hill and Kelce are obviously several his number one targets, one of Mahomes’ best credits as a quarterback is his capacity to see the whole field. 6 different pass-catchers got a pass from Mahomes in the AFC Championship Game, while 8 did as such in the past round against Houston.

Blake Bell (2 gets) and Deon Yelder (1) captured passes in that Texans game. It’s not difficult to imagine that both of them could track down their direction into an objective in the Super Bowl, however those folks joined to discover only 11 passes during the ordinary season. They’re not normally vigorously engaged with the Chiefs’ passing assault.

The over is the worth at +145, however the under on 7.5 is the most probable result (- 165).

What number of 49ers Will Run the Ball?
Complete Number of Rushers? Odds at Bovada
Over 5.5 -200
Under 5.5 +170
The Chiefs like to toss, and the 49ers like to run. Mostert gathered 220 y

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