The BBC today report that no column occurred among Cook and KP

Graeme Swann let The Sun know that “I saw or heard no issues with [KP] in Australia this colder time of year. His methodology was uncommon”. Assuming that this is valid – that not a lot truly occurred – it implies that Pietersen was excused simply in light of the fact that a couple of individuals could have done without him. Neither Downton nor Whitaker have condescended to give a public interview to account for themselves. No ECB agent has yet given a meeting. The most conceivable clarification for the quietness is this: it’s never happened to anybody at Master’s that we, general society, merit a legitimate record of current realities.

It would be underneath Paul Downton to really need to address the incredible unwashed

All things considered, our motivation in cricketing life is just to purchase tickets and buy into Sky. Past that we are, best case scenario, an immateriality, yet principally a burden. The Gatekeeper report that James Whitaker is because of give two transmission meets today, on the T20 crew choice. These were at that point booked before KP-entryway emerged. It is not yet clear what he will, or won’t say. Downton, in the interim, has given no meetings by any stretch of the imagination since he assumed responsibility, not even to examine the unexpected and shock takeoff of Andy Bloom – who himself didn’t talk freely all things considered.

The whole scene of Group Britain has been bulldoze red, without an expression of clarification. The ECB have turned the clock back to the medieval times, to the days when the MCC, an exclusive hangout, ran the game as an individual fiefdom – detached, aristocrat, and self-selected. Furthermore, the destroying balls have been employed by a grim magistrate who remain unfalteringly in the shadows, and whose believability – to say the least – is up in the air. Paul Downton, the New Britain overseeing chief, has been out of the game for over twenty years. How could he land the position?

Did Giles Clarke get visiting to him at a mixed drink party?

James Whitaker, the new seat of selectors, is best depicted with this rundown from Darren Gough on Talk sport: “Exquisite man – he generally looks shrewd, decent hair, pleasant suits. Administrator of selectors – one Test match for Britain”. Probably, the ECB didn’t have the telephone number for any British bloke who’d had a legitimate test vocation. Ashley Giles additionally had one hand on the blade’s handle, and goodness knows why he was given the option to conclude who the following mentor will actually want to pick. Except if he has previously been informed that the occupation is his. Furthermore, assuming this is the case, lord have mercy on us. You could believe that I’m overstating, that I’m crazy, that I’m neurotic and frantic. What a fight I’m making, you might say, about dropping a player who was a git at any rate.

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