Poker Player Jonathan Duhamel Represents Canada at the Professional Level

Young poker player Jonathan Duhamel is from Canada and has an extraordinary amount of ability. His triumph in the main event of the globe Series of Poker in 2010 is widely regarded as his crowning achievement; yet, he has since gone on to take first place in a multitude of various events all around the globe, so this is by no means his only win.

As a result of the amazing amount of money that he has made throughout the course of his career up to this point, he is now ranked in position number two on the all-time money list for Canada. Even though he is just twenty seven years old, we have high hopes that he will do great things in the not too distant future.

The Beginning Years

In August of 1987, Jonathan Duhamel was born in the province of Quebec in Canada. His family was typical of those who belong to the middle class; his father worked as a mechanic on aviation engines, and his mother worked as a teller at a bank when he was growing up in the Boucherville neighborhood of Quebec.
Because Duhamel’s parents were concerned about his not understanding the significance of money, they encouraged him to have his first job as soon as he turned thirteen. He worked picking strawberries.

Following his graduation from high school, Duhamel made the decision to enroll in the University of Quebec at Montreal, sometimes referred to as UQUAM, with the intention of pursuing a career in Business Administration and Finance. While he was still in school, a few of his friends taught him how to play poker, and soon they were spending a lot of time in each other’s dorm rooms competing in the game. Duhamel was completely oblivious to the fact that his passion would one day provide him with a chance of a lifetime.

As his interest in poker grew, he ultimately made the decision to suspend his academic pursuits in order to concentrate on building a successful career in the poker industry. His first significant pay out came in 2008 when he competed in the No Limit Hold’em main event of the European Poker Tour. He finished in tenth place and won more than $50,000 in prize money for his efforts.

Duhamel spent the following couple of years building up his bankroll by playing at numerous casinos throughout Canada. He says that it was at these casinos that he met exceptional players who assisted him in gaining the required expertise he needed to take his profession to the next level. Once, he was quoted as having remarked, “There are a lot of very good poker players in Quebec. We all talk strategy together, and I am the player that I am now because of them!”

Poker Profession

PokerStars quickly extended an offer to become the young player’s sponsor after seeing the enormous potential he had. After a head-to-head encounter with John Racener, Duhamel emerged victorious in the No Limit Hold’em main event of the 2010 World Series of Poker. This victory continued to astound the audience. In addition to the approximately $9 million he won from that one victory at the WSOP, he also had numerous more great money finishes at the tournament in the same year.

Since then, Duhamel has been traversing the globe to play in a wide range of various events; nonetheless, the bulk of his wealth has been acquired via participation in no limit hold’em tournaments. In 2011, he won well over $270,000 after coming in first place in the Highroller No Limit Hold’em tournament that was held as part of the European Poker Tour.

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